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Food and Beverage Flooring and All of the Benefits

Updated: Nov 9

The benefits of food and beverage flooring are many, to include a good SQF score, meeting board of health standards. Most importantly the benefits of food grade epoxy flooring done in a sanitary environment can avoid bacteria infestation.

The principle bacteria of concern is listeria, this strain is typically produced by standing water and airborne spores that attached the food stuffs and can cause great bodily harm, as well as E coli of which is typically present where employees do not maintain good hygiene. A good epoxy flooring system will eliminate standing water, by also adding cove base to all wall to floor jointures alleviate any liquids collecting in the corners, and making cleaning a quicker and neater task.

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Major concerns within Food Grade Flooring

As a fellow business owner, we do see the long term value in doing things right once, as shutdown and liability concerns can wreak havoc on a food processing concern. Beyond food safety, chemical and thermal shock resistance are critical factors to be considered. As an example, ordinary epoxy topcoat will be insufficient to tolerate the heat and chemical attack created by hot and cold water as well as the bactericide used to clean your new food and beverage flooring system.

Furthermore, we use the term epoxy flooring due to its misnomer commonly used for all resinous flooring, but the floor of choice is urethane cement in the food processing world given it's exceptional thermal shock value created by its similar expansion coefficient of concrete surfaces. While epoxy boast a higher compressive strength of which is a non factor where food service flooring stands.

To better explain expansion ecoefficiency of your new resinous flooring, allow us to explain the concern. It is not uncommon for an epoxy flooring contractor with a lack of long term experience would prefer epoxies over urethane cement flooring due to its extended pot life or working time. The activities of a food processing operation require the ability to withstand the full array of temperatures, if the new polymer's compressive strength is too high it will expand and contract at a different rate than the substrate causing micro fracturing at the glue line and ultimately delaminating causing both floor failure as well as downtime to make the necessary repairs.

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Why An Experience Epoxy Flooring Contractor Matters

There is no greater learning experience than doing a task over a long period of time allowing for history to show us the way.

Ultimately, knowing how concrete resurfacing works allowing proper slope for liquid runoff without too steep a slope leaving behind solid matter. Having the knowledge and experience to install surface mounted trench drainage to have the optimal flow eliminating standing water.

Finally, the experience to install food grade epoxy flooring properly given it's short pot life, and the professional touch required to create a consistent finished surface eliminating "bird baths" and ruts for debris to settle.

HPS is the Area's Leading Urethane Cement

Contractor in the Northeast

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We look forward to showing you our craftsmanship and family pride and getting it right the first time. Give us a call to discuss how best to help you achieve all your food and beverage flooring system today.

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