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Food and Beverage Floors in New Jersey

Food safety is an important concern in the food and beverage industry, as the surfaces that food comes into contact with can affect its safety for consumption. One way to ensure food safety is to use flooring materials that are safe, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Here are some factors to consider when choosing flooring for a food and beverage facility:

  • Non-porous and seamless surfaces: Porous surfaces, such as concrete, can harbor bacteria and other contaminants and can be difficult to clean thoroughly. Seamless, non-porous flooring materials, such as epoxy or stainless steel, are easier to clean and less likely to harbor contaminants.

  • Slip resistance: Food and beverage flooring should have a high level of slip resistance to prevent accidents and injuries.

  • Chemical resistance: Food and beverage facilities often use cleaning chemicals to sanitize surfaces. The flooring material should be able to withstand these chemicals without breaking down or becoming damaged.

  • Durability: The floor in a food and beverage facility will see a lot of foot traffic and may be subjected to heavy equipment and other stresses. It should be able to withstand these conditions and have a long lifespan.

  • Ease of maintenance: The floor in a food and beverage facility should be easy to clean and maintain to ensure that it stays in good condition and meets food safety standards.

Some examples of flooring materials that may be suitable for use in a food and beverage facility include epoxy and urethane cement. It's important to carefully consider the specific needs and requirements of your facility when choosing a flooring material.

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New Jersey is Growing in Food and Beverage Facilities That Need Resinous Flooring

Food and beverage epoxy flooring is a popular choice for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and other food-related businesses in New Jersey. Epoxy flooring is a durable and easy-to-clean option that can withstand the heavy foot traffic and spills that occur in these types of environments. If you are looking for food and beverage epoxy flooring in NJ, there are many companies that specialize in this type of flooring. One of the top companies in the state includes High Performance Systems Corporation headquartered in Middlesex, New Jersey. When selecting a company for your food and beverage epoxy flooring needs, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced contractor. Be sure to ask for references and examples of their previous work to ensure that they can meet your specific needs and provide high-quality results. In addition to selecting the right contractor, it is also important to choose the right type of epoxy flooring for your specific needs. There are many different options available, including self-leveling epoxy, decorative epoxy, and anti-slip epoxy. A professional contractor can help you determine which type of epoxy flooring is best suited for your business and can provide guidance on the installation process.

Overall, food and beverage epoxy flooring is a great choice for businesses in New Jersey that require a durable, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting flooring option. With the help of a professional contractor, you can ensure that your epoxy flooring is installed properly and meets all of your specific needs.

To see an actual project of a food and beverage floor, watch our short video!


In conclusion, choosing the right flooring for your food and beverage facility is critical to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment. Epoxy or urethane are popular options that offer unique features to meet your specific needs. When choosing food and beverage flooring solutions, consider factors such as slip resistance, hygiene, chemical resistance, durability, and temperature resistance. By making the right choice, you can ensure the safety of your employees and customers while protecting your brand reputation.

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