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Food Beverage Floor Project in Fairfield NJ

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food and beverage flooring nj

This urethane cement floor project was located in Fairfield NJ for a poultry concern. The project was 4,500 square feet and the client's process included virtually constant wet service. This meant a very aggressive texture along with our urethane cement chemistry as thermal shock was important.

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This previous flooring system failed in under five years. As you can see from the photo the client's process was always a wet space. The varying temperatures of cold water wash down and nor]mal room temperature required addressing the thermal shock concerns.

Epoxy Flooring Should Never Be Used in a Wet Process

As in all flooring projects, we start by removing any loose or damaged substrate. The previous floor was an epoxy flooring system. This occurs quite frequently as epoxies are easier to install, but are not the right system for any wet-processing area. The reason they fail is due to their rigid state making them brittle. As a result, every time the substrate gets hot and or cold the flooring system and the substrate do not expand and contract the same crating micro fracturing at the jointure.

Concrete Grinding Must Meet Manufacturer's Specifications

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Manufacturers have very specific guidelines to ensure their product holds up long term. In this case, we needed to abrade the previously installed epoxy floor to a CSP 4 or 5 so that the urethane cement slurry would bond well and ensure a flooring system that would provide our client with long-term and just as importantly return on investment and avoid any shutdowns to make the corrections.

Food Service Flooring At Its Best

food service flooring

Here is the finished food service flooring system. Again, this urethane cement system is designed specifically for this environment. Moreover, please note the aggressive texture to enhance staff safety and increase the overall hardness of the new flooring system.


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