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How Long Do Resin Floors Last?

Updated: May 17

An epoxy resin floor can last as long as thirty years, in the case of residential garages and the like. The industrial market will see more wear and tear, but will certainly outlast any other type of concrete floor resurfacing, when considering all the factors, cost, downtime, and ease of installation.

The other benefit is its ability to be recoated to bring it back to that new and shiny appearance most clients expect. All things considered, the ROI of epoxy flooring far outweighs any of the other flooring options, and at a cost of approximately 1.50 to 2.00 dollars per square foot, depending on the size of the project.

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Grind and Seal Flooring Offers Many Benefits and Options

Typically, by the time a client has decided it is time to apply a grind and seal the concrete floor, the existing substrate will have some wear and tear that will require patching and evening of slab transitions, as this will minimize forklift repairs and unsightly workplaces. Grind and seal flooring, or using a resin flooring system, allows for hiding the patching and sealing of the substrate to mitigate any dusting and wearing of the actual floor.

The other benefit is the resin flooring can be pigmented to create a more monolithic concrete resurfacing. Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits, it also can create a great light reflectivity making navigation easier and a brighter workplace for your staff.

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Concrete Resurfacing Is a Real Cost Savings

The cost of forklift repair is minimized with the right working surface for your forklifts. Just as importantly, the cost of downtime and the inconvenience of scheduling

can be significant. Remember, forklifts have a rigid suspension, making bumps and holes very detrimental to your moving equipment, not to mention employee safety. Bottom line is, a well-maintained grind and seal concrete floor will produce many benefits that will essentially negate the cost over time.

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A Quality Epoxy Contractor Is Vital For a Good Outcome

Concrete resurfacing is a simple process when using an experienced epoxy flooring contractor. All of the coating manufacturers provide very specific surface profiles, which will ensure that their products bond well. A good contractor will know the proper patching material when considering the volume of traffic and type of weight load.

High Performance Systems has an extensive vacuum system that will allow for OSHA-mandated dust mitigation, along with using the correct diamond tooling to provide the appropriate profile for long term long-term wear and tear. Their experience can also provide insight as to the benefits of clear versus pigment.

Here at HPS, we install such a large o volume of grind and seal flooring systems that we can provide the very best in pricing while exceeding your needs in terms of fitness of purpose. We do not believe in high-pressure sales, and our philosophy is to provide a value that meets if not exceeds the cost to install your next epoxy flooring system.

Give us a call today to receive your no-hassle consultation. We would be more than happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you today!


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