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What is an Inexpensive Way to Seal Your Concrete Floor?

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Grind and seal flooring is the industry term for concrete that has been patched using the correct concrete resurface product, ground to reveal a clean substrate to include increased porosity, followed by a good quality epoxy coating, and, finally top-coated using an aliphatic urethane to retain its sheen and color. Grind and seal concrete systems finish your floors so their striking, natural look can shine through. That means whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve got an old floor for a renovation, your concrete is the foundation of the room. Thus, the remediation and restoration process is very similar in terms of scope of work and general cost, barring major patching, sloping and joint repairs.

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Preparing the Concrete for a Grind and Seal Floor System

The process of concrete resurfacing is simple and fast. The concrete surface is ground using coarse grit. The surface is cleaned and re-inspected for voids greater than 1/2" in-depth. A seal coat is then applied over the concrete. The concrete sealant may be solvent polymer-based, foodservice water-based, or a reacting or thermal cured (coating of choice) polymer that cures when two components are mixed.

An epoxy resin floor is tough and forms a very durable coat that will saturate and wear well creating the very most cost-effective solution to your concrete flooring needs.

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Ideal Places for Grind and Seal Flooring

It is a suitable floor option in a variety of industrial and commercial spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing, retail, animal care, and food service.

Grind And Seal VS Grind And Polish

Although this process is commonly referred to as “polished concrete,” there is a difference between “grind and seal” and “grind and polish.” Let's save polish for another blog, but as an approximation polish typically will be 3x the cost of a routine sealing of your substrate. Grind and seal floors come in a full array of colors as well as clear.

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Benefits Of A Grind And Seal Concrete Floor

A grind and seal concrete floor system makes the concrete resistant to high abrasion and wear and tear. You can also add beading or grit to enhance slip resistance.

This makes the concrete non-porous, so it won’t harbor any bacteria or stain easily. Moreover, this makes the floor low maintenance and easier to care for than other types of flooring. The seals can be matte or glossy, which can create a unique look for the room. Additionally, you can find “grind and seal” coats that have a UV-resistant finish for outdoor spaces.

Use An Expert Epoxy Flooring Contractor To Save Money

Using an experienced epoxy flooring company can save time and money as their vast knowledge allows them to provide real-world experiences that will apply directly to your needs.


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