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Fast Turnaround Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Over Tile

Updated: Oct 5

The restaurant kitchen flooring industry is always fighting time restrictions, as typically restaurant space comes at a premium so they make use of the entire space, making shutdowns tough. HPS prides itself on quick turnaround and most importantly adhering to timelines at whatever the effort.

urethane cement floor over tile

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring bonds to tile flooring extremely well

It is not at all uncommon older existing restaurants have brick or ceramic tile currently, as that was the floor of choice back in the day. Of course that flooring system had many shortcomings to include: re-grouting mortise joints, tile crack and coming loose, as well as allowing moisture to undermine the substrate over time with hot water washing that is a constant chore that also requires money spent on the labor to do the same.

Urethane cement flooring, is the resinous flooring system of choice as it has bonding of 300 pounds per square inch, meaning it is so well adhere only sharing of tile could cause a failure ( rarely if ever happens)more over it is odorless so food stuffs will not be contaminated and just as importantly it retains the expansion coefficient as the clay base of tile or concrete meaning as the floor is exposed to hot and cold water it doesn't weaken the glue line overtime.

urethane cement flooring over tile

Epoxy flooring and urethane cement flooring have the same physical appearance once cured

Because we are the eight largest installer nationally we know by subtle appearance that food safety epoxy flooring and urethane cement restaurant flooring look very similar and act the same in their fully cured states. To best illustrate this please enjoy the video and brief description below to help you visualize this finished restaurant kitchen flooring system.

A Good Illustration of a restaurant kitchen flooring system

Existing Conditions: The existing tile in this restaurant kitchen flooring system was riddled with cracked and loose bricks throughout the entire area. After removing any and all loose matter, then filling with a quick dehydrating concrete resurfacing material. We were ready to mechanically abrade the floor to achieve the manufacturer's specified profile, thus insuring a resinous flooring system that will last the test of time.

Preparation of existing condition: The first phase of the prep involved diamond grinding to create a mechanical profile for our new urethane cement flooring system. Once the grinding was complete we sound tested the existing tile and overlay to be sure we were on solid substrate elimination the possibility of any future delamination.

Applying the epoxy cove base to all wall to floor joints

For this phase we carefully applied tape to the top of the previously determined cove base height. Using the same urethane flooring system and adding a tri-blend aggregate, we then hand applied radius coving be careful to feather into the floor itself, so that ultimately the finished will be seamless kitchen flooring system

Products Installed: Once the cove base was complete, without any lost time we moved right into the urethane cement floor system. This process includes making a pancake batter like consistent and spreading the slurry by way of a pre-measured notch squeegee insuring the correct thickness, then broadcast aggregate to cover the entire restaurant kitchen floor. In 4-6 hours we are able to remove any excess aggregate and topcoat using a polyaspartic topcoat resulting in increase chemical resistant flooring and quickly curing within 2 hours allowing for quick return to service.

urethane cement flooring over tile

Urethane cement flooring that will last the test time using an experienced epoxy flooring contractor

An experienced epoxy flooring contractor, is vital to a reliable end result that includes keeping a promised timeline. High Performance System performs commercial kitchen flooring very often. In fact, we have a very high demand for our services in this sector as we have a stellar reputation and hold a high level of pride in meeting any and all time lines.

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