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Scheduling for Success: Your guide to having a stress free Restaurant Kitchen Flooring installation

Updated: Apr 21

You've done your google searches, you've picked out the color that best suits your restaurant's decor, and you've selected a seamless flooring contractor to provide you with the best restaurant kitchen flooring option. What next?

An experienced seamless flooring contractor has already started planning for the installation well before you have even placed it on the calendar. As professional flooring contractors, it is our job to select products with cure times that get you back into business the fastest. So let's take a look at what goes into building a restaurant kitchen flooring system and ensuring a stress free installation.


-Will the installation be performed during a planned shut-down or during a regular work week?

Not often, but occasionally restaurants will have a scheduled period of time off to accommodate employee vacations or national holidays. These scheduled shut-downs present a valuable time for your seamless flooring contractor to perform their installation.

-Will equipment be moved out of the space? 

A large majority of equipment such as prep tables and parts of the cook line are fairly easy to move. In an ideal scenario all equipment is moved out of the kitchen but accounting for the time to move things will often dictate the reality of how much equipment will be moved and if the project needs to be scheduled in multiple phases to allow space for the equipment to be stored while your commercial kitchen flooring system is installed.

What are the typical hours of operation for your kitchen and what days of the week are slower than others?

Assuming that the seamless flooring installation will take place during a week where the kitchen is not shutting down, it is best to select the slowest days of business to accommodate a few extra hours of downtime to allow additional time for the flooring contractor to perform his work.

Most typically an installation will require three days and 8-10 hour shifts depending on the size and scope of the particular restaurant kitchen flooring project. 

The above checklist should be discussed during the initial site visit performed by your seamless flooring professional. There are certainly other factors to consider when reviewing your restaurant kitchen flooring project such as, will slope be installed towards drain, will radial cove base be installed and are the walls accessible for the contractor, and what contingencies have been established for unforeseen events? 

On occasion, commercial kitchens will rent a temporary freezer truck to store product for a shut-down or modify the menu to accommodate for the installation.

No matter the situation, your experienced seamless flooring contractor will work with your specific variables to accommodate timelines and other factors outlined in this scheduling for success guide to your restaurant kitchen flooring guide.


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