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The Risks of Bad Warehouse Flooring

Updated: Oct 7

There are many benefits of warehouse epoxy flooring, however, there are also a number of concerns that arise when running a warehouse. Maybe the warehouse concrete flooring is cracked or potholes have appeared, making your employees trip or damaging the tires of your forklifts. Maybe the flooring is just old and starting to dust. Or, maybe you're just looking for a way to prevent all these issues ahead of time.

Whatever it may be, this article goes into detail about the many issues that need to be avoided in a warehouse and how a new warehouse epoxy flooring system can address all of these concerns.

damaged warehouse flooring

How Does A Bad Epoxy Flooring System Cost You?

Whether you're a fulfillment center or simply stocking raw materials for your manufacturing facility, a well-maintained warehouse space is critical for your daily operations. Consider the cost of lost loads due to rough terrain—as in eroded expansion joints or random potholes in your floor—or, maybe more concerning, a concrete substrate that is "dusting" and spreading harmful particulates in the air.

The national average of preventative maintenance on your forklift is $2.28 per hour, but if you let it get away from you, that number can be significantly higher. The replacement of one tire due to rough flooring conditions can cost $500. The replacement or repair of the rigid suspension system can not only be very costly but will likely cause extensive downtime in your production.

The national average of lost earnings due to downtime is approximately $100,000 per hour. But downtime isn't the only cost-causing issue you have to worry about.

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What are the Health Concerns for Warehouse Employees and Dust Proofing?

More concerning than equipment issues, airborne dust and various other contaminants can directly impact the health of your employees. This is an issue that has a high level of attention from OSHA. It doesn't matter if exposure is infrequent or daily, exposure to concrete dusting and other contaminants in your warehouse can lead to silicosis. The minimal cost to epoxy a warehouse floor is well worth it, in order to keep your employees safe.

Silicosis is a dangerous lung disease that causes lung inflammation and typically results in nodular lesions in the upper lobes of the lungs. This disease can result in chronic shortness of breath, cough, fever, and cyanosis (bluish skin). It is commonly misdiagnosed as pulmonary edema or fluid in the lungs.

Silicosis resulted in 46,000 deaths in 2013, this is down from 55,000 in 1990. This number has decreased due to a direct result of responsible business owners addressing airborne dust particles through warehouse improvements, such as adding dustproof flooring.

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How Does an Epoxy Flooring System Help You?

Adding a warehouse resin flooring system to your facility can mitigate all of the previously mentioned concerns. There are also many warehouse epoxy flooring options that you can pick from. But, what is special about an epoxy flooring system that makes it better than a traditional flooring system?

During the epoxy flooring system installation, all voids, dents, and cracks in the floor will be addressed and sealed, meaning fewer hazards for your equipment and employees. The epoxy primer penetrates the existing floor to make the concrete denser at the top, which means long term protection from major dusting. The warehouse epoxy resin minimizes surface tension which means less wear and tear on your forklift tires. A topcoat of aliphatic urethane makes the whole floor scratch and abrasion-resistant. And, as a bonus, it's just more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional flooring system.

An expert epoxy flooring contractor, well equipped with an extensive HEPA vacuum system, can install the floors while eliminating all dust and contaminants in the area.

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What's the Consequence of Bad Warehouse Flooring?

There are a ton of concerns that need to be properly met in a warehouse to prevent both damages to your equipment and health hazards for your employees. If these issues aren't addressed, it can lead to heavy costs either from repairs or just downtime.

Having an expert flooring contractor install an epoxy flooring system in your warehouse is a cost-effective long term solution that has the potential of saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the end.


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