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Warehouse Epoxy Flooring for a Fulfillment Center in Wayne NJ

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This facility located in Wayne NJ was used for warehousing merchandise, which raises the question of what are my warehouse epoxy flooring solutions.

Over the past five years, we have seen an explosion of large square foot buildings in the New York and New Jersey markets.

This is directly correlated with our evolving consumer market and demand for next-day shipping options provided by Amazon, Wayfair, and other large online retailers. 

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High Demand For Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Knowing this, the commercial real estate market has put a premium on the cost of new warehouse spaces, and the overall condition of the corresponding warehouse epoxy flooring system. The high demand has also created opportunities to repurpose and revitalize older buildings for the same use. We have seen factories, manufacturing plants, and retail stores knock walls down and refurbish the existing space to accommodate rack systems and daily forklift traffic. Luckily, there are many warehouse epoxy flooring types to meet each of these specific needs.

The warehouse and distribution market is synonymous with the speed and consistency of deliveries. This includes limiting the loss of product, minimizing downed equipment, employee safety, and easy to identifying floor plans. 

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How Do Companies Prepare for Transforming an Older Building and Install a New Epoxy Floor System

From repairing floors where walls are demolished to filling substrate damage from years of use. There are specific products designed to handle your flooring repair needs. Having experience in the warehouse flooring industry, epoxy flooring contractors know their clients' goals and will specify an industrial-strength, two-coat seamless flooring system.

The first coat typically consists of a high-solid epoxy resin to both build a wear surface and fill imperfections from years of use. Epoxy flooring allows installers the ability to pour a floor over badly abused surfaces filling in the depressions left from previous abuses and impacts. 

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What Happens Next with your Warehouse Resin Floor?

After applying a warehouse resin flooring system, an aliphatic urethane is typically installed, by a warehouse epoxy flooring company, to offer a scratch and abrasion-resistant coating.

Specifically, urethanes are best for minimizing tire transfer from forklift traffic and staining while maintaining sheen.

Material providers estimate that a urethane topcoat will offer

an epoxy flooring system up to four times the life of a

standard epoxy floor system.

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Specific Options For Warehouse Epoxy Floors

Your epoxy flooring contractor may provide options for your specific needs. This might include a chemical-resistant epoxy for your battery charging stations, a fast cure system to get an aisle back into service overnight, or even a one-coat system to act as a dust-proofer.

Other add-ons can be included, such as line striping to delineate pedestrian and forklift traffic or egress walkways. Custom textures are also available to include additional anti-slip properties or a smooth surface to accommodate a conveyor or automated system.

Warehouse and distribution facilities must keep up with hundreds of thousands of orders, picking and packing items and pallets daily. Not losing time when installing your seamless flooring system is paramount to any facility.

Maintaining or refurbishing an existing warehouse floor will allow your staff to stay on task while minimizing equipment and flooring repairs. This will also help to maximize production and the reliability of your process.

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A New Fulfillment Epoxy Flooring System

We were brought in for the specific purpose of creating a seamless and durable flooring system capable of withstanding heavy forklift traffic. What made this project so unique was the fact that each of the previous tenants' spaces' existing floors was constructed of different building materials. One area was brick, the next a concrete slab, and the last had a Belgium block border.

With over thirty years of experience in the seamless flooring industry, High Performance Systems used multiple products to restore the pre-existing surfaces before installing the warehouse concrete flooring system described above. 

High Performance Systems specializes in retrofitting existing spaces for our client's client-specific purposes. Beyond servicing the warehouse and distribution markets we offer production shut down services and have a vast catalog of case studies for all markets where warehouse epoxy resin is needed.


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