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What Are The Different Types Of Decorative Epoxy Flooring?

When designing a commercial facility, people often decide to customize or brighten up their space by installing a decorative epoxy floor.

Decorative epoxy floors are very popular in retail stores, hotels, universities, and facilities that desire custom logos or colors to extend their brand image.

There are many different options when it comes to decorative epoxy, and each comes with its own unique benefits. This blog will help you to determine which flooring style would best suit your commercial needs.

Bright Colors And Custom Flake

This decorative flooring option is the most popular, as it offers business owners the opportunity to draw customers into their facilities and make a statement with their flooring system.

Brightly colored floors are the perfect addition to retail spaces because they provide a unique design element that can complete the aesthetic of the store. Addition

ally, decorative epoxy floors can be made slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant, which helps to keep customers and employees safe and protect against slip-and-fall accidents.

Custom flake floors are also popular for the same reasons. When commercial spaces require custom colors and flakes, their needs can be met with this type of flooring system.

An epoxy flooring expert can use color swatches from your brand’s logo in order to get an exact match for the epoxy dye and flake color.

Having a flooring system that exactly matches your brand’s colors helps to create a streamlined look throughout your space and it becomes an extension of your brand image.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is a very popular option for clients who are looking for their commercial floor to make a statement. Oftentimes, upscale restaurants and retail spaces will install a metallic epoxy floor in order to make their facility appear more appealing to customers.

Despite its name, this type of epoxy flooring does not contain any metal components at all. Instead, the metallic look is achieved by using a pearlescent, light-reflective aggregate blend that is coated with pigments to produce an iridescent effect.

Custom Logos

Epoxy floors that feature custom logos are very prevalent inside facilities that are well known or which are looking to create a brand that is easily recognizable.

For example, Universities that are known for their football teams might want to display the team’s logo inside the gymnasium or inside a locker room.

In cases such as these, the customized logo, which is applied as a base sticker insert with a clear topcoat overlay, can be specifically matched in terms of color and font. Epoxy floor flakes can also be personalized to match the university team’s colors.

If you desire a custom logo on your new epoxy flooring system, discuss it with your resinous flooring expert, as they will be able to provide you with the perfect logo and custom flooring for your facility.

Color Matching

Color Matching is a different process than the ones mentioned above, as this process aims to exactly match the existing floor color.

This type of decorative flooring option would be used in cases where clients are happy with their overall flooring, but there are some areas that need to be patched or fixed.

The color matching technique would be used to duplicate the color of the existing floor so that these areas could be seamlessly fixed.