Production Epoxy Floor System

Project Overview: 18,000 Sq Ft Bottling Line Production Epoxy Floor System

Existing Conditions: Our friends over at Berry Plastics were looking for a tough, durable, and long-lasting flooring system for their new machinery production space. The floor that they had in mind needed to be able to stand up against immense forklift and foot traffic as well as hold up over time against thousands of pounds of machinery and pallets. Our state of the art production epoxy floor system was the perfect solution

Preparation of existing condition: We began the process by identifying and removing all delaminations by saw cutting the perimeter and removing the substrate and failed underlayment. Next, we used a diamond grinder on the entire production space to remove any surface contaminant and establish a mechanical profile. We cut keyways at a depth of 1/4′ to allow material to maintain thickness and similar heights around all drain hubs.

Conclusion: Our engineers had the perfect solution for Berry Plastics, High Performance’s urethane cement slurries are created by mixing a polymer base with sands, cement or crushed stone to create a thicker liquid base that will set with greater thickness and more durability. We often refer to the viscosity achieved as a “pancake batter” like consistency. These slurry systems provide a thickness from 1/16″ to 1/8″ and provide increased resistance to wheeled traffic, added impact resistance and increased resistance to heavyweight loads. 

Products Installed: To start the installation process, we began by filling all voids using Positred L and cabosil mixture to create a consistent finish and look.  After that, we applied our Dexo-Tex C Bond coat primer to allow for proper cure time and then applied the Positred L epoxy flooring system. After allowing proper cure time, again we inspected the floor for any blemishes and then added the finishing touch of our topcoat using Aero Floor to create a cleanable, scratch-resistant floor surface.