ProRez Products

This is a list of our commonly used products, please know we may specify a product that will more specifically address your needs. This is one of the advantages of being an independent contractor allowing us to "dial in" the epoxy flooring system that best meets your goals.


Often used in mechanical room system or when flexible is important consideration eg; wood subfloor etc.


Urethane Cement Slurry most commonly used in food service flooring as it has similar expansion ecoefficiency as concrete, meaning it will best handle varying temperatures

Propoxy 32

Standard high solids epoxy resin used for many purposes: primer coatings, slurries and mortar mixes.


A thin film aliphatic urethane used to increase scratch resistance as well as retain sheen

Procryl HB

MMA resin used for quick turnaround or one day flooring systems


Polyaspartic resins for quick setting and high chemical resistance.

Universal Color Chart

Standard color chart for your review, be reminded custom colors are available