Quartz Epoxy Floor

quartz epoxy floor-cameo

800 square foot Operating Room

Quartz epoxy flooring is an ideal epoxy flooring system where durability and decorative are needed. The aggregate that creates the impact resistance is created by broadcasting the quartz sand, which is pigmented sand that has been turned leaving a spherical shape to the stone. The tricolor blend of color combination is unlimited allowing for customization.  The grout coat to seal in the epoxy floor is extremely durable as well as the aliphatic urethane topcoat will create a high chemical resistance. 

Ultimately, this decorative epoxy flooring system allows for high durability without sacrificing functionality.

Quartz Epoxy Flooring is Customizable and is a Long Term Solution to Your Decorative Needs

This decorative epoxy floor serves the needs for elegance while still retaining the low maintenance of resinous flooring systems.  Furthermore, it typically includes a cove base to create a "birdbath" effect making ease of cleaning and sanitary corners a snap.

The spherical or quartz aggregate creates a very durable finished epoxy floor that will leave a nonslip texture and perform well in terms of functionality. Some clients combine their company colors or even go the extra mile and apply a logo of their company's logo. The options are limited, it is important to use an experienced epoxy flooring company as installing this system requires some finesse to ensure a nice and even texture and sheen throughout. 

quartz epoxy floor-start

Start Point

quartz epoxy floor-prep

Preparing the Substrate

quartz epoxy floor-finish

Finished Quartz Epoxy Floor