Quartz Epoxy Floor

Decorative Quartz Epoxy Flooring

Project Overview

Our client in Teterboro, NJ needed to rehabilitate an old mezzanine floor space. It was a large pharmaceutical operation. The floor was in very rough shape, to include poorly installed patching material.

Project Details

Location:  Teterboro, NJ

Type of Business:  Pharmaceutical
Size/Square Footage:  2100 square feet
Products: GP Fastop Sl and GP 400 Ceramic carpet system with GP 4850al

The Process

Step 1:  Remove all old patching material, and patch 
Step 2:  Scarify the entire space to create a solid bonding surface
Step 3:  Apply urethane cement flooring throughout
Step 4:  Apply a colored quartz epoxy flooring system material


This was to be a very active space, so the owner did not have much time to turn this project around. It required that we use engineered concrete repairs, urethane cement slurry as well as a polyaspartic flooring system.

HPS Solutions

On day one, quickly hammered out all old patching and keyed in the perimeters of the same. Then we filled in with a fast setting cement product. Thereafter, we applied our urethane cement flooring system and broadcast to excess using colored quartz aggregate.

Once cured we then applied an epoxy coating and once again broadcast our quartz aggregate. On the second and final day, we remove the excess aggregate and applied our chemical resistant, quick curing polyaspartic floor coating sweeping off the quartz from the second broadcast coat.



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We then applied a final top coat of General Polymers 4850 Polyaspartic for added mechanical strength and chemical resistance. This state of the art topcoat allowed for a quick turnaround making it so our client could begin having foot traffic after only six hours of curing.

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