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Project Overview of a Quartz Epoxy Floor Project

This was a large pharmaceutical company located in Teterboro, NJ. They had an old storage space they were looking to convert to a usable production space, but it needed to meet all FDA requirements. This decorative epoxy flooring project was completed on off-hours.

Project Details on a Quartz Epoxy Flooring System

As previously mentioned, this was to be a 2,100 square foot quartz epoxy flooring system for a large pharmaceutical concern. This decorative epoxy flooring project had an extra hurdle, in that we needed to apply a urethane cement slurry base prior to installing the new epoxy flooring. That is why your epoxy floor should be installed by a resinous flooring expert. Often, when dealing with renovating an old space, foresight will typically be a cost savings, as opposed to realizing the need afterwards. In this case, the additional urethane cement underlayment was to protect against any thermal shock realized by the wet process.

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Installing the Quartz Epoxy Flooring System

Decorative epoxy flooring is designed to be pleasing to the eye, but that does not detract from its intended use, whether a metallic epoxy floor or any other epoxy flooring design.

The first step in this hybrid flooring system was to mechanically abrade the substrate and apply our urethane cement slurry system, immediately followed by our quartz epoxy flooring system. In this case, we chose quartz over an epoxy flake flooring, because of its added impact resistance.

An experienced epoxy flooring contractor should be able to not only specify a particular flooring system, but share with you the reasons why that systems at minimum meets your expectations.

HPS Solutions to Your Decorative Epoxy Flooring Needs

Being able to simply paint the mental picture of the decorative epoxy flooring type you might like is valuable, given the vast array of possibilities, and having an experienced epoxy flooring company can certainly act as a real benefit. Not simply for the aesthetics, but for any remediation that may be required to achieve your desired outcome.

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For instance, if you were applying your epoxy flake flooring system in a food grade environment, you may want to start with a base of urethane cement flooring to allow for expansion coefficients. To understand the reasoning, please take a minute to read a short explanation as to why urethane cement flooring is the best choice. We try very hard to not only install an epoxy flooring system that will exceed your expectations, but we want you to know why every attention to detail is so important.

At HPS, we recognize your flooring costs can be a lot of money, that's why we know it's important to have the knowledge and experience to provide our clientele the very best in today's ever changing landscape.

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