Quartz Epoxy Flooring NJ

Project Overview: Quartz Epoxy Flooring

Existing Conditions: 1/4" thick ceramic tiles were the existing floor system on this mezzanine level project. The fact that our client was looking to have his project installed in multiple phases created an issue in maintaining similar elevations and removing trip hazards to the 50k plus travelers in this vestibule.


Preparation of existing condition: Before preparing the tiles our team sounded out the floor to ensure these tiles were in fact well bonded to the substrate. After ensuring that we had a sound substrate we began diamond grinding the well-bonded tiles to remove the tile's glaze and establish a mechanical profile. Beyond our surface prep, the team installed 1/4" keyways at all terminations to ensure system thickness while creating a seamless edge.

Products Installed: Our design team specified a urethane cement system for this quartz epoxy flooring system to ensure a fast turnaround for the active terminal. This urethane cement system allows for a back to service time of 6-8 hours and expedited the installation dramatically. Beyond rapid cure schedules, urethane cement has a superior bond to the tiles versus an epoxy and allow for an thermal shock as this mezzanine is exposed to thermal cycling of exterior conditions. First, our installation team primed the entire area with an elastomeric epoxy by General Polymers, GP 3552. This allows for 200% elongation of the space and helps ensure a durable long-lasting solution to any mezzanine slab.

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Next, our team utilized General Polymers Fastop M, a urethane cement mortar fill material, where loose tiles were removed. The design team then specified a semi-self leveling product by GP, Fastop 12S, directly over our patching material. Utilizing similar chemistry allowed for our install team to prep, patch, and apply our first coat of this quartz epoxy flooring system in one day. 


The following day our team swept and removed any loose quartz and applied the second broadcast coat of General Polymers 4850. This product is polyaspartic with cure times of 4-6 hours for full service. Following our second broadcast, our team swept the excess broadcast and applied two topcoats in the final day of this 5 coat quartz epoxy flooring system

Conclusion: With this space being on a mezzanine level exposed to thermal cycling our design team utilized a urethane cement hybrid system to create the customer's quartz epoxy flooring aesthetic. Our specification team created this system to mimic the clients desired aesthetic while matching the environmental concerns present. HPS Corp. designs and installs a purpose-driven quartz epoxy flooring NJ systems to fulfill your facilities needs.