Quartz Epoxy Flooring System

Project Overview: Colored Quartz Epoxy Flooring Installation for Roofing Shingle Supplier 

Existing Conditions: Our task was to provide the client with a quartz epoxy flooring system that could work for both their staff kitchen as well as their in-house laboratory. The concrete substrate on this project was in a poor state and required some additional preparation.

Preparation of existing condition: In the first phase, our team prepared the substrate by diamond grinding the entire surface. Roughly 40% of the surface was covered with mastic (or glue), which we then removed using PCD cups attached to the grinder. There was also some substantial cracking in the slab. We were able to blend a 100% solids epoxy with Aerosil in order to make an epoxy gel with which we filled the cracks.

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Products Installed: The first step in our installation phase was prime coating the entire surface with a water-based epoxy. We then installed a 4” cove base at the juncture of all walls and floor. This eliminates the 90° angles and provides a seamless, easily washable flooring surface. Our main body coat was a high solids epoxy applied at 20 mils. Into this body coat, we broadcast an ash-colored quartz aggregate to provide a non-slip texture and a decorative look. e repeated the process for a second coat with the colored quartz broadcast. We sealed and top-coated the floor with a high-solids, chemical resistant epoxy in order to protect against any chemical attacks or contaminants from either the laboratory or the kitchen.



Conclusion: In order to provide a flooring system that would work for both a kitchen and a laboratory we had to really do our research. Working hand in hand with our material provider we were able to zero in on epoxy that could hold up against chemicals but also withstand greases, oils, and fats to ensure neither area would fail.