Restaurant Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring A Major Factor In Overall ROI

The restaurant marketplace's long-term success is largely depending upon using operating funds wisely. That notion encompasses many facets, including  the overall preventative maintenance strategy of your facility. A restaurant kitchen epoxy flooring installation can provide increased lighting and a cleaner workspace, creating an ambiance of a "happy" place to work. In addition, restaurant epoxy floors, properly installed can create years of good employee safety, resulting in improved retention, and safeguard finished products from soiling or loads dumping onto the floor due to an uneven slab or pothole.  The key is to utilize an experienced restaurant kitchen epoxy flooring contractor that can provide historic insight, as to the fitness of purpose for both your existing substrate and the level of usage.

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The Right Restaurant Epoxy Installer Can Be The Difference

As we travel the NJ metro area, we sometimes hear epoxy flooring is not good, it peeled or is too slippery. As basic as epoxy flooring may be, there still exists a right and wrong way to proceed with your new flooring system. The best way to achieve success is to pursue an experienced restaurant epoxy flooring installer. Experience is often sacrificed for economy, and while your budget will always be a major consideration, it needs to be balanced to allow for a good experienced mechanic.


By the way, assuming good epoxy flooring contractors are more costly is not always correct. Experience allows a good contractor to access your circumstances and develop a plan of action that balances quality with economy, and having a lengthy history allows them to select the most successful strategy.  What products are being produced? Are they a wet or dry process? Is it largely foot or cart traffic? Are they a 24/7 day operation or do they simply work a 5 day shift, allowing for projects to be completed without need for premium pay or choosing the cure rate of the resinous flooring system you might select, and the list goes on.

Selecting An Epoxy Flooring Contractor That Installs in Your Industry

High Performance Systems has been dealing with protective surfaces for many years. No matter how long, we continue to learn subtle differences in each industry, which allows us to provide a detailed game plan and good organization. That factor alone can bring rewarding results for our clientele. We encourage our customers to test us, so feel free to ask the tough questions, usually we are there on the spot, but where we may need more input we can have an honest exchange and together as a teammates our chances of success increase immensely.

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As an example, we know that old school epoxy flooring will not work long term in a kitchen setting, as thermal shock from varying temperatures as well as chemical resistance from bactericide will degrade that system over time. On the other hand, as a leader in the restaurant kitchen flooring space, we know that urethane cement flooring system are the right resinous flooring system.

Our point is, do your shopping, but by all means give us a no hassle call to discuss your next restaurant kitchen flooring project, so we can share our passion with you. If we are not a fit, you may still benefit from our past experiences. Give us a call today!