Restaurant Kitchen  Flooring

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Overview of a Restaurant Kitchen  Flooring Project

This project involved a Chinese buffet restaurant, and the restaurant kitchen flooring was actually  fairly large for a retail eatery. The client had just leased the space and was in a hurry to get into action.

The Details of the New Commercial Resin Flooring System

This commercial concrete epoxy flooring project was 3,000 square feet, and included 4" radius coving from all of the wail to floor joints. Knowing that it was a kitchen floor, we immediately knew to use urethane cement flooring as our base and apply a chemical resistant epoxy topcoat, making up our commercial epoxy resin flooring system. The client gave us clear and free access, so hours of operation were not of major concern.


The Process of Installing Restaurant Kitchen Floors

The process to install restaurant kitchen floors always starts with the preparation. In this instance, the substrate only had minor patching and we filled the voids using a quick hydrating engineered cement patching material made specifically for high compressive strength, to avoid any potential for impact effecting our finished commercial epoxy resin system.

The process to install restaurant kitchen floors proceeds only once all patching and mobilize of our equipment was complete, we moved into mechanically abrading the slab to meet the CSP4 profile required by the manufacturer. Shortly thereafter, we began to mask out our epoxy cove base heights and drain hubs as well as create "keyways" at all terminations to ensure the new commercial kitchen epoxy flooring system would maintain thickness throughout.

The Benefit of restaurant kitchen flooring is it's non slip texture

Once all preparation was complete, we began to install our resinous slurry basecoat, being careful to use a 1/4" notched squeegee to control floor thickness. Once applied, we then broadcast our previously determined aggregate to create higher impact and a non slip flooring surface. The next day, we returned to remove all excessive aggregate and inspect the base coat for any imperfections that might exist, creating the perfect palette for our chemical resistant epoxy topcoat.

Of course, as a part of the HPS installation standard operation procedures, we did our final walkthrough the following day to remove all tape from coving and drain hubs and remove all debris, and provided our client with a wonderfully new restaurant kitchen flooring!

Conclusion of Another Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring Project

Over the years, High Performance System has boasted quite a reputation for commercial kitchen flooring in particular. We like to think this is a result of our attention to detail. That process includes involving the client from start to finish. We understand it is a large investment and the client deserves a level of comfort in our experience and knowledge of the finer points, as those small factors are what sets us apart. 

We certainly hope to encourage you grab a cup of coffee and enjoy our very brief case study videos, which best illustrate our goals for your next restaurant kitchen flooring project. Contact us for a hassle free chat about how we can help you to grow the very best eatery ever. Give us a call today!