Restaurant Kitchen  Flooring

Urethane Cement kitchen Floors

Restaurant kitchen flooring requires an understanding of the local board of health regulations as well as a basic understanding of food safety concerns. It is important to have a flooring system free of seams and voids where bad actors can exist. To that end, installing an integrated radius cove base eliminates the possibility of bacteria harboring in any corners.

Furthermore, the use of urethane cement flooring minimizes any concern from your substrate to peeling and holding liquids and other bad-smelling actors.

A Few Examples of Restaurant Kitchen  Flooring

This photo depicts a urethane flooring system in a restaurant. It is the preferred flooring system for most food service flooring projects. 

It starts with removing any loose substrate and patching. Then mechanically abrade the surface to create the manufacturer's recommended surface profile.

The installation involves applying the slurry or batter-like resin at a controlled thickness and broadcasting to excess the client's customized nonslip texture. Installing integrate cove base to all wall to floor jointures.

Finally, top coating or grouting to seal the surface with a polyaspartic topcoat as they handle higher temperatures than the typical urethane coating

Urethane Cement Flooring
cook line flooring

Here is a cook line for a high end hotel chain. The primary concerns in this area is oil spatter from the fryers as well as oil saturation. To install this commercial kitchen flooring system we needed to be sure degrease the substrate prior to our installation. While we used a urethane cement base we utilized our polyaspartic topcoat to allow for higher temperature exposure.

Again, as in most commercial kitchens, the cook line fails first here is another

restaurant kitchen floor for a large catering concern.  This project required a quick turnaround and using urethane cement flooring is the ideal system as it boasts a quick cure and easy repair long term. Those issues are critical for virtually every kitchen as time is money.

restaurant kitchen flooring

Conclusion of Another Restaurant Kitchen Epoxy Flooring Project

Over the years, High Performance System can boast quite a reputation for commercial kitchen floor contractors in particular. We like to think this is a result of our attention to detail. That process includes involving the client from start to finish. We understand it is a large investment and the client deserves a level of comfort in our experience and knowledge of the finer points, as those small factors are what sets us apart. 

We certainly hope to encourage you to give us a call for your next restaurant kitchen flooring project. Contact us for a hassle-free consultation about how we can help you to grow the very best eatery ever. Give us a call today!