Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

Epoxy Kitchen Flooring

Project Overview

This was a 3,000 square foot restaurant kitchen flooring project located in Baltimore, Md. The spaced was previously a failed restaurant location in a large shopping plaza. The client was converting to a Chinese buffet eatery.

Project Details

Location:  Baltimore, MD

Type of Business:  Restaurant

Size/ Square Footage:  3,000 sq ft

Products:  GP Fastop SL and GP 3746

The Process

Step 1: Degrease and clean existing flooring

Step 2: Patch and feather in any deviation in elevations to create an even substrate

Step 3: Mechanically abrade surface to create a profile as per manufacturer's specifications

Step 4: Install 4" integral radius coving to all wall to floor joints

Step 5: Apply urethane concrete flooring systems

Step 6: Apply chemical resistant epoxy floor coating


Removing any foreign matter to include oils etc. to be certain of a long term bond for the new restaurant kitchen flooring system. In addition, the existing substrate had many varying elevations that needed to be leveled out to make the new urethane cement flooring conducive to the new equipment layout.

HPS's Solution

We started by degreasing the existing flooring. Followed by tying in the various elevations to create a even floor layout for the new urethane concrete flooring system. We then applied our 4" integrated radius cove base to eliminate any 90 degree corners to address any listeria or other bad actors that might harbor bacteria.



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​Once all remediation and coving work was completed, we followed with our urethane cement slurry and broadcast to excess to create our non slip texture. Finally we top coated the entire resinous flooring system with a high solids chemical resistant epoxy coating. HPS has a large portfolio of various spaces that we have converted to restaurant flooring spaces to include slope and trench drainage. If we can help you resolve all the overwhelming issues that go with changing a space to meet your needs please do give us a call.