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Restaurant Kitchen Flooring NJ

Project Overview: Restaurant Kitchen Flooring NJ Installation for Hotel.

Existing Conditions: This client contacted us with a commercial kitchen in dire need of flooring repairs. The existing epoxy flooring was failing due to improper preparation of the substrate. After the epoxy began peeling and delaminating, the concrete slab itself began eroding


Preparation of existing condition: We began by fully removing the existing failed epoxy coating. We also had to remove a substantial amount of old thin-set that had been improperly installed. We began our remediation by pre-patching those areas with a urethane cement material. When the patching was completed we prepped the entire surface with a diamond grinder. After repairing and diamond grinding all surfaces back to white concrete, we were ready to install our flooring system.

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Products Installed: We installed keyways at all drain points and points of termination of the floor. We then applied a self-leveling urethane system as our base and broadcast a 60- 80 mesh silica aggregate into it. The urethane cement provides resistance to hot oils, greases, steams, moisture, and thermal shock. This broadcast provides a non-slip surface and adds a measure of durability to the flooring system. Our team finished the floor with a cement urethane topcoat as a sealant to lock in the aggregate. 



Conclusion: The prep work required for this project was extensive and proved to be the most labor some part of the install but provided no obstacle we could not overcome. Our client was left with a floor that will withstand even the toughest days in the kitchen and last for a very long time, unlike the previous coating system. Give us a call today for any of your restaurant kitchen flooring needs.