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Sherwin Williams Products

This is a list of our commonly used products, please know we may specify a product that will more specifically address your needs. This is one of the advantages of being an independent contractor allowing us to "dial in" the epoxy flooring system that best meets your goals.


An urethane cement flooring system, with a epoxy flake floor on top to create a highly functional and decorative system.

Ceramic Carpet Floor

A colored quartz epoxy flooring system design to create a tri-blended combination that is not only high impact but very decorative.

Ceramic Carpet Color Palette

The standard color palette of color blends, we also can make customizable combinations to meet your needs.

Decorative Mosaic Floor

An epoxy flake flooring system that creates that terrazzo look without breaking the budget.

Decorative Mosaic Color Pallette

The standard color combinations for epoxy flake flooring, with the ability to create combinations as we choose.

Fastop Brochure

A brochure best explaining the strengths of a flooring system that excels in thermal shock for hot and cold water operations. This system is the floor of choice for food and beverage flooring.

MER 1 System

This epoxy flooring system involves a flexible resin that both waterproofs and leakage and creates elasticity for system to be installed over wood substrates.

Metallic Flooring

A flooring system that creates marble like appearance, both beautiful and very functional. A metallic epoxy floor has a rich look to impress your client.

Metallic Color Palette

A collection of the most popular color selections, it is also important to note that we are able to create custom combinations to develop your vision.

Trafficote 105

An epoxy slurry system designed to resurface with a robust wearing system. Can be applied both smooth or textured where non slip texture is a concern.

SW Standard color chart

The standard color chart based on popularity. We also have the ability to custom mix the color of your choice.

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