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Project Overview: Urethane Cement Food Processor Floor Coating

Existing Conditions: CJ Foods, Inc. in the U.S. food operations headquarters for CJ Cheiljedang. Since its opening in 1978, CJ Foods has quickly become a major manufacturer and distributor of Asian food products with a focus on Korean food. CJ Foods was looking to expand its operation even further with a brand new state-of-the-art dumpling plant. After months of planning and cooperation on both sides, HPS Flooring and CJ Foods began the massive undertaking of 115 thousand square feet of urethane cement food processor floor coatings.

Preparation of existing condition: The concrete slab was a fresh pour, so after waiting 60 days for the concrete to finish setting we began the preparation process. Since the concrete slab was in pristine shape and did not require as aggressive a mechanical profile as an older slab requires, we decided to use shot blasting as our perpetration method since it was quicker turnaround time. The shot blasting was done in phases as we were not the only trade on site, and we needed to work together with the other trades to ensure the job be finished on time. Each phase of work had its own unique requirements. In many of the rooms, we installed cove base, in some we installed drains, and in three machine rooms, we even installed an ESD system.

There was roughly 20,000 sf of gray urethane cement and the other 80,000 sf was in a custom tint we called "CJ Green." The major prep work that was done could be summarized as the following. We edged beneath any permanent equipment and at all corners; using diamond cup wheels. We created key-ways at all termination points; miter cut 1/8” depth and taper to allow for ideal thicknesses and a seamless transition to desired heights. Vacuum the entire area to ensure direct bond to the surface and clean work area. Finally, we applied tape to all terminations to create clean straight lines. As you can imagine this was a massive undertaking to the size of the area.

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Products Installed:  Once all the prep was completed as specified we applied the system base-coat of Fastop SL urethane cement and broadcast into it using 20/40 mesh silica to create an anti-slip texture and add compression strength. Once the base-coat was cured we ran hand-stones over the floor to ensure an even texture. Then we began to install 6" x 3/4" radial cove base mortar to all walls. Once given time to cure, we apply GP TC 4090 topcoat; to encapsulate aggregate and create a more durable surface.

Conclusion: In the end, this job took 3 months to complete. We worked tirelessly to ensure our client was able to get this job finished on schedule, which was no easy task. We worked nights, weekends and holidays to ensure we didn't have conflicting schedules with other trades.