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Project Overview: Hubbell Trench Drain Installation for Mushroom Company 

Existing Conditions: This client contacted us because they had upcoming third-party audits and wanted to improve their SQF score. The existing substrate was badly eroded and had been topped with an old epoxy coating that was delaminated in most areas. In addition, the trench drain had seen years of food processing fluid flow and was badly eroded. These conditions presented a poorly performing floor and one that no longer met sanitation guidelines.

Preparation of existing condition: After completely removing the old coating, we rebuilt the drainage system using engineered concrete. We then pre-patched all remaining voids and eroded areas. The final step of preparation was to mechanically abrade the entirety of the floor’s surface and scarify the new drainage system to ensure that our new floor bonded properly.

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Products Installed: We then applied one coat of urethane cement (GP 4080) and broadcast into its silica sand. The addition of this aggregate gave the floor extra thickness, increased strength, and a non-slip surface.  Once cured, we top-coated this base with a clean layer of cement urethane (GP 4080) again in order to seal the surface. This system was far more robust than the initial epoxy coating and will provide a serviceable floor for years to come.


Conclusion: For this project, we were contracted, in part, because of our specialization in “quick turn-arounds.” The company needed a new floor but did not want to halt their production schedule for long. We were able to get them back on a superior floor with only a two day shut down period. To see more from the best trench drain contractors  has to offer - call us at 800-928-7220.