Trench Drain Installation NJ

Project Overview: Trench Drain Installation for Meat Processing Company

Existing Conditions: Our client contacted us with a rendering plant floor that had failed epoxy system and, in some places, concrete eroded enough to expose blue-stone. The facility also needed a new trench drain system because the existing trench drain system was badly worn out


Conclusion: All work was performed on weekends, leaving the facility with no production downtime. This trench drain installation NJ is just one of many trench drain systems we have installed over the years.

Preparation of existing condition: We began by saw-cutting the perimeter of those drains, excavating any loose concrete and installing new polycast Hubbell 600 trench drains. Following their installation, we filled the perimeter of the new drains with engineered concrete. We also took this opportunity to re-slope the entire surface to ensure proper flow towards the drains. We then scarified the entire surface to provide a smooth floor and to ensure a proper bond with our flooring material.

Products Installed:  After the new cement slab had cured, we returned and installed a 3/16” cement urethane base. Into this base, we broadcast 20-40 mesh silica sand to aid in durability and to provide a non-slip surface. To finish the floor, we top-coated with another cement urethane product that would seal the floor and provide a long life cycle.

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