Trench Drain Installers NJ

Project Overview: Trench Drain System 

Existing Conditions: Our client Metabrands were switching over an old warehouse space into a food production area and needed the trench drain system accommodations to fit such a transition.  

Preparation of existing condition: Mark out areas for drain placement and saw-cut the substrate. Once the area was marked out we removed concrete and subsoil as needed to allow for new fill. The final step was to tamp the bed to create a solid base.

Products Installed: We began by installing drain sections with cast iron frames. Next, we had to tie in the catch basin to the drain line. Once that was completed we back-filled the cavity using 3500 PSI concrete and filled the top of the cavity with SW Fastop urethane cement. Finally, we installed the cast iron grating and stoned the cement and Fastop down to create an even texture.

Conclusion: The end result was a new state of the art drainage systems completed in less than 48 hours that will hold up for many years to come. We were able to come in at night while the facility was closed to avoid a production shutdown. To learn more about trench drain installers give us a call at 800-928-7220 for a free estimate.