Urethane Cement Flooring

urethane cement flooring

5 Year Old Urethane Cement Floor

Years ago urethane coatings were typically used where chemical resistance was of concern. It has since been reformulated to create thicker systems. Urethane cement flooring, is the floor of choice in food and beverage flooring, as it has a thermal shock quality that allows it to expand and contract along with the substrate that it bonds to. This is an important aspect as it is unaffected by hot and cold temperatures and bonds at 300 pounds, meaning it welds to the substrate so well the concrete itself will crack before the system fails.

Thermal Shock and Urethane Cement Flooring

meat packing floors

Meat Packing Floors

Thermal shock by definition is a mechanical load caused by a rapid change of temperature at a certain point. This quality is critical in commercial kitchens as they are constantly being washed down or baking with heat. Epoxies are too brittle and do not retain the same benefit as they sheer at the glue line causing your resinous flooring system to fail. These commercial kitchen floors also boast the ability to customize your nonslip texture to meet your operation's needs.

restaurant kitchen flooring

Restaurant Kitchen Floors

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring should always be urethane cement flooring as it boasts quick cure times. The kitchen is the command center for any restaurant making downtime costly. In addition, most restaurant kitchens have fryers further exasperating the thermal shock concerns. Most restaurants tend to fail first near the fryers and the cookline where immediate exposure to high temperatures is prevalent.

urethane concrete floor

Food and Beverage Floors

Food and beverage flooring is a broad term for almost any flooring system involving food service. All the same, concerns apply whether it's a washdown or production area. It is not uncommon for a facility to be required to use it on their loading dock as well. In those cases, we apply a 1/4" system versus the more economical 1/8" system reserved for light or medium traffic. Another typical feature is applying integrated radius coving to eliminate any 90-degree corners without any seam or joint.

commercial kitchen flooring

Commercial Kitchen Floors

Commercial kitchen flooring is much the same as the above. As the area's leading commercial kitchen floor contractor we were the eighth largest installers of urethane cement flooring in the nation in 2019. Our vast experience allows us the benefit of knowing firsthand what works and what doesn't. Give us a call today for a free consultation on which system, color, and fitness of purposes best serve your operations.