Urethane Cement Flooring NJ

Project Overview: Urethane Cement Flooring

Existing Conditions: This urethane cement flooring, located in NJ, project dealt with an existing epoxy slurry in a food processing area that was subjected abuse for over a decade. The previously red floor was almost completely unrecognizable and heavily delaminated in a number of areas, posing safety and health concerns. 

Preparation of existing condition: Our crew began by saw cutting open the concrete for the new Zurn trench drain system. This system included heavy-duty grates that are rated for heavy forklift traffic. The eighty-eight linear feet of drains were set to run along with the pre-existing point drain line. Once the line was saw cut and the excess concrete was excavated, the new drains were set and secured in place. The cavity surrounding the drains was then filled with high strength concrete to complete this phase of the project. After the drains were installed, our crew began sloping the floors. The entire 2900 square foot area was sloped at a nominal 1″ thick to ensure a good flow of liquid to the drains. This ensures that there will be no standing water or pooling. As part of this turnkey project, we also coated the walls and ceiling. We removed existing FRP and adhesive from the walls as well as any loose paint. Rough areas were sanded and any irregularities were ground down. Once the prep was completed, everything was taped and masked out. 

Products Installed: Our team began by applying the two coat system which was comprised of Macropoxy and Polylon HP. The Macropoxy coating is a high solid, high build, fast drying, polyamide epoxy, and the Polygon is a high performance, high solids, two-component, exterior/interior, polyester-aliphatic urethane coating. This coating system will provide a high gloss, chemical resistant finish that will exhibit excellent color retention. 

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Conclusion: By the time this project was completed you could barely tell it was the same space. This project went well beyond food process floors, to include drains, sloping, wall and ceiling coatings, making this food processing area, safe and sanitary. To learn more about this urethane cement flooring installation give us a call at 800-928-7220.