Urethane Cement Flooring

Project Overview: 4,200 SF of Cement Urethane Flooring for Food Processing Area

Existing Conditions:  The customer had a pre-existing epoxy mortar throughout the entire 4200 square feet which could not tolerate the current conditions. Faced with steam wash downs, heavyweight loads, and chemical attacks, we specified a urethane cement flooring system to replace it.

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Preparation of existing condition: We identified all failures in the mortar, we then saw cut beyond the perimeter of each crack and removed all debris. Once removed, each depression was patched and filled with a rapid setting repair mortar. After all of the patching material was set, the entire surface was prepped using a diamond grinder, which creates the mechanical profile necessary to achieve a strong bond to the substrate. 

Products Installed: The installation was rather quick and routine. First,  we Installed GP Fastop SL urethane cement slurry and broadcast to rejection using a 40/60 mesh flint shot for added anti-slip protection. The second and final step was to topcoat the area using GP Fastop 4090 urethane cement coating: cement urethane topcoat to create a cleanable floor surface.

Conclusion: The end result was a state of the art, easy to clean urethane cement flooring system. This floor will be able to hold up against immense foot traffic, hot oils and greases, chemical washdowns and intense steam cleanings for years to come.