Urethane Concrete Flooring

Project Overview: Urethane Concrete Flooring Installation for Seafood Processing Company

Existing Conditions: Our client, a seafood processor, contacted us for help in readying their new facility. Since the building was not previously used as a fish processing unit, we had to refit the entire space.


Preparation of existing condition: For our preparation phase, there was no remediation to be done. The existing floor was in good condition but not sealed or coated. We began by diamond grinding the entire surface and then manually grinding all edges. This would ensure a proper bond for our eventual flooring system, the final step of the prep phase was to install key-ways at all terminations.

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Products Installed: For this project, our design team specified a urethane concrete flooring slurry of Fastop SL. The slurry base went down at 1/8, and we broadcast into it a 40-60 mesh silica sand. This broadcast would strengthen the floor and provide a non-slip surface for times when the floor gets wet. We also installed a 6” cove base around the entire perimeter to make the floor easier to wash and sanitize. We finished the floor by top-coating the entire surface with a chemical resistant epoxy, which would be able to stand up to the water and cleansers this floor would see.

Conclusion: In the end, our client was given a seamless and watertight seafood processing urethane concrete flooring system that was perfect for their day to day operation.