Vinyl Chip Flooring NJ

Project Overview: 420 Sq Ft Decorative Vinyl Chip Flooring System

Existing Conditions: A local family was looking to improve the aesthetics of their two-car garage. Not only did they want something that was going to be eye-catching but they wanted to make sure this would be something that would hold up over time and not have to be continuously maintained. Our Bio Flake flooring system was the perfect solution. 

Preparation of Existing Conditions: This project started by diamond grinding the entire area to establish a mechanical profile and remove surface contaminants. We followed that by vacuuming up all the dust to ensure a proper bond. 

Products Installed: Once the floor was thoroughly prepped we applied a concrete seal coat of GP3477. Next, we added a coat of GP3561 to create a thicker profile for the flakes to have a better surface to bond to. From there we broadcast the flakes into the 3561 to create the beautiful color scheme you see to the right. After that was given ample time to cure we sealed in the flakes using a grout coat of GP3746. We took this floor once step further by adding a final top coat of GP4850. 

Conclusion: Gp4850 is a top of the line coating which is not only anti-slip but chemical, stain, UV and scratch-resistant too, ensuring this floor to hold up over the life of the home. Call us today to learn more about this vinyl chip flooring project.

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