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Overview - Warehouse Epoxy Floors

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This was a new tenant relocation, and their business was a warehouse fulfillment center. Their facility when originally leased was bare concrete. To ensure their clients received clean and dust-free packaging, they needed a warehouse epoxy floor company to apply a new epoxy flooring system, while staying within budget. The overall project size was 20,000 square feet.

Challenges for the New Warehouse Resin Flooring

The client had closed on the space shortly before needing to leave the previous location, so the timeline was condensed into a two-day turnaround requiring multiple shifts of manpower to stay on task. The substrate was not in terrible shape and would not need much more than occasional patching of any divots and small pitting before mechanical abrasion and applying the warehouse epoxy resin floor.

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The Process to Complete the Warehouse Epoxy Flooring System

As previously mentioned, time was short and our client needed to use the space quickly. They called with their urgent need and HPS got there in a hurry, after explaining this project was straightforward and could not only be turned around quickly, but well under their anticipated budget, the client was very pleased. This project was basically, a pigmented grind and seal concrete floor system.

Once all of the design specifications and contracting were complete on this warehouse concrete flooring, we went into action, using two of our state-of-the-art diamond grinding units that were equipped with the appropriate diamond coarseness to create the manufacturer's specified profile.

We then identified any patching that was required and used a quick setting poly aspartic patching material, which allowed for immediate application of the epoxy floor

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring
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The next day we returned to inspect the now sealed substrate to confirm it was ready for the second and final urethane coating. Upon determining that no patching had been overlooked and that the base coat had cured we moved into our topcoat, using a top-quality aliphatic urethane to enhance not only scratch resistance but minimize any future yellowing.

After allowing one day for 80% cure, the client was able to mobilize their equipment and tools, while the warehouse resin flooring system completed its curing cycle.

Why Using a Professional Epoxy Flooring Contractor is Vital

Surrounding your operation with competent team members is vital to long-term success. Once High Performance Systems is contracted we consider ourselves members of your team and treat our new privilege with a deep dedication to exceeding our client's needs. That attitude has allowed High Performance Systems to exist for three generations. 


Our experience as epoxy flooring contractors allowed us to quickly develop a strategy to not only apply the new epoxy flooring system expeditiously but offer our customers the comfort to know we had designed and specified the right warehouse resin flooring.

Epoxy flooring is our passion, so let us share our expertise with your business. If you’re interested in learning more about our warehouse epoxy floor company contact us today.

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