Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

warehouse epoxy floor

Epoxy Flooring is More Than Just a Coating

Some of the most common concerns for warehouse floors are spalled, uneven elevation and crack repair areas, as well as joint filling. As an experienced epoxy flooring contractor, we perform all of those tasks. Concrete resurfacing typically comes with any quality warehouse epoxy floor installation. A good warehouse floor is invaluable in the warehousing industry, its benefits include minimal forklift ( no suspension) repairs, tipping of loads, and dust proofing. The coating system is a great way to achieve all of those goals in addition to masking any repairs.

Warehouse Floor Coating in Fairfield NJ

This project was 15,000 square foot floor for a new tenant looking to clean up the space before bringing in his fulfillment operation. A simple epoxy flooring system like this typically takes three working days to complete alleviating any concerns about waiting around to put the new rental payment to work

warehouse floor coating
warehouse epoxy flooring

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring Edison NJ

60,000 square foot warehouse epoxy flooring for a pharmaceutical concern. They needed good nonslip qualities without much texture so we add a 220 aluminum oxide additive to their topcoat.

Mixed-Use Flooring in Neptune NJ

13,500 square feet of warehouse epoxy flooring for a manufacturing/warehousing concern. This client required a clean and neat look to both protect their finished products as well as make their working space look finished.

manufacturing epoxy floor

In short, our goals are always driven by the customer's needs. We hear their vision and create the best possible resinous flooring solution that will fit their budget. We would love to share our passion with you as a family business of many years our craftsmanship goes well beyond the bottom line.