Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring is Exploding in Popularity

​With the ever expanding world of technology, comes an expansion of the warehousing and fulfillment sector. Today, robotic packing and picking of products is also a growing market,  making warehouse epoxy flooring ever so vital to the overall logistical game plan. Exasperating the situation is the online or internet marketing crushing the retail marketplace. 


This has caused an incredible expansion of the warehousing industry, making grind and seal flooring the economical and quick turnaround choice

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The Reasons for Warehouse Resin Flooring

There are many reasons to keep well maintained flooring in the warehousing business. An unsealed warehouse concrete flooring surface allows for excessive airborne dust from forklift movement.

 HPS has an economical solution in apply a grind and seal floor. Moreover it increases any scratch resistance allow for more years of service.


Forklifts are designed to match their name, in that they are engineered to pick up heavy loads with forks. Typically this equipment does not have a suspension system, making smooth substrate important for traversing and overall safety considerations.

 Furthermore, the tires are basically fitted onto the rims and are made of solid rubber. Their replacement is not only costly, not to speak of the damage caused to the vehicle itself.

Warehouse Resin Flooring is a Cost Effective Solution

The life expectancy of a concrete substrate is on average thirty years. During that lifecycle, settling occurs, resulting in uneven transition from slab to slab. Frequent impact in the same location can cause severe erosion of the surface. Both of these potential problems can be solved with an annual inspection. Properly maintained flooring systems should not incur epoxy failures within any reasonable amount of time

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These concerns are remedied by meeting standard preventative measures, like keeping the floor swept, cleaning often, and if possible, using a walk-behind wet vacuum. The best scenario would be to not only maintain good housekeeping but to maintain a warehouse resin flooring system. This can occur by applying thermal cured coatings such as epoxy and preferably an aliphatic urethane topcoat, that will stand the test of time due to their high chemical resistance and wear ability. Some of the cheaper, water based acrylic sealers are often lost in the porosity of the concrete or are quickly worn off after a few months. For your best return on investment and minimal maintenance chemically cured resins will almost always outperform any other coating system.

Settling of the slab can happen for various reasons, the most common being poorly compacted subsoil prior to pouring concrete, and wash outs or various water leakage issues. Maintenance of these items largely consist of annual inspections or most often an employee pointing out the safety hazard and near certain forklift damage. If failure does occur, it is often solved by a combination of grinding the deviation in slab heights and applying an epoxy floor patch of sorts, determined by level of usage and damage.

Often, as a part of the warehouse epoxy resin solution, we also fill the joint cavity with a flexible membrane to mitigate any future wear and tear.

The Importance of an Experienced Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Here at High Performance Systems there truly is pride in every project, and just as importantly, many years of experience providing not only the most cost effective epoxy flooring solution but expert designing and specifying your project to meet both your production and budgetary needs.

Give us a call today, it would be our pleasure to be your epoxy flooring contractor and provide you prompt, professional, and thorough solutions for your next warehouse epoxy flooring project.