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Overview From an Epoxy Floor Contractor

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This project was a real source of pride for High Performance Systems, as Berry Global is one of the largest bottling manufacturing facilities in the world.  They were looking to upgrade their warehouse epoxy flooring system to something close to a pharmaceutical-grade, as they had just taken on a large contract to provide medicine containers. A part of that process included impervious flooring.

Challenge - Install Warehouse Epoxy Flooring Without Affecting Production

The client ran a 24/7 operation, meaning we needed to design a process that would allow for continuous production while also renovating the space for their recently completed product facility. This would require protecting all openings to eliminate any dust migration while applying the warehouse epoxy floor to their staging area. This was an ideal project to show off our state-of-the-art HEPA vacuum system, a dust-free process that a professional epoxy flooring contractor should provide. We planned on long hours to eliminate any concerns that our warehouse resin flooring might affect their production.

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Our Process - The Warehouse  Floor Coating Contractor Plan of Action

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Upon arrival, we met with the client and determined their time restraints not only from an application standpoint but by assessing their hours of operation so that we could allow production to continue unaffected. These factors are critical in our deciding on the right specification, as in the resinous flooring industry there are a wide array of warehouse epoxy flooring options that must be considered, as cost and dry time must be designed to meet our client's needs. In addition, we developed a plan to hang plastic and seal any openings that might cause contamination to the client's finished products.

Our Solution - The Epoxy Flooring Contractors Installation

We mechanically prepared the substrate to, at minimum, meet the warehouse epoxy resin flooring manufacturer's requirements. Once the abrasion process was complete we walked the floor, identifying and patching any excessive divots to create a clean and smooth palette, for our state-of-the-art warehouse epoxy flooring.

We then applied our epoxy primer thereby creating a strong glue line, thus ensuring many years of strong bonding. Afterward, we applied a carefully maintained thickness of 1/8" epoxy slurry, and allowed that to heat up and flow onto a smooth and even surface. While the epoxy was still wet we broadcast an aggregate that was predetermined by the client's choice of finished texture.

The next day we returned to sweep off any excessive aggregate and confirmed there were no major defects and prepared for the next step. We then applied an epoxy coating that will provide chemical resistance and scratch resistance. This is vital, as it ensures that the epoxy flooring system will be easy to maintain long-term.

Conclusion - The Finished Warehouse Floor Coating 

Upon completion, our client was thrilled about our timeliness, as well as impeccable housekeeping. The pre-installation efforts of our team allowed us to earn a client for future projects and they made us a part of their success story. We look forward to the opportunity to help your warehouse exceed all expectations. We truly believe our 30+ years of warehouse resin flooring experience is an asset that we would like to share with you, so call us today!

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