Warehouse Floor Contractors NJ

Project Overview: Warehouse Floor Coating

Existing Conditions: Our client contacted us because they were in need of a warehouse floor coating. They had a warehouse space that they recently purchased for a fulfillment center and were looking to make the space fully operational as soon as possible. The existing warehouse floor was badly delaminated and eroded. Our client was not looking to completely smooth and level the floor because it would have been too costly for such a large area with so much damage. The primary objective of the project was to reduce dust and give the space a clean look and a cleanable floor surface. Our engineers specified limited concrete remediation and the installation of an epoxy flooring system. 

Preparation of existing condition: We began by sounding out the existing warehouse floor and removing any loose concrete. We then filled the cracks and potholes with an epoxy patch made from mixing sand with epoxy resins. After the patch material was cured we began diamond grinding the surface to create the appropriate profile and ensure a proper bond. Next, we installed the new warehouse flooring coating.

Products Installed: We began by priming the entire surface with an epoxy primer (GP 3569). We then finished by applying our pigmented epoxy top coating. This epoxy flooring system sealed the concrete thereby reducing dust and creating the visually appealing and cleanable surface the client was after. 

Conclusion: The entire project was completed in a week, allowing our client to get his warehouse space occupied immediately. If you are in need of a warehouse flooring solution, contact us today and speak to one of our experts. We will give you all of the warehouse flooring options that fit your needs and your budget. To learn more about this warehouse floor coating NJ project give us a call at 800-928-7220.

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