Warehouse Sealing NJ

Project Overview: Warehouse Floor Sealing for Packaging Warehouse 

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Existing Conditions: The existing substrate was a concrete slab which was cracked all along the joints and created a major dust problem for our client.Our warehouse sealing project in NJ was the perfect solution

Preparation of existing condition: The prep phase began with our team diamond grinding the entire space to remove existing epoxy coatings and establish a mechanical profile. Next, we used hand grinders to remove signage/stickers from the previous layout to accommodate for the new layout of the warehouse. Then, our team vacuumed the entire space and solvent wiped using microfiber mops to ensure a bond directly to the substrate. Finally, we pre-patched all voids and depressions to create a smooth floor using: GP 4844; polyaspartic coating and cabosil mix.


This mix is created to use accelerated flooring chemistry with the flexibility to enable our crew to bridge surface cracks and return to the patch within 30 minutes for sanding and flattening of any overfill. Once the patches cured we used hand grinders overall patches to remove any ridges and overfill to further ensure a flat surface

Products Installed: As with most warehouse epoxy flooring systems, this was a very quick and easy product installation. We specified a two coat system comprised of GP 3579 high solid epoxy primer and a top coat of GP4687 ultra high-solid aliphatic urethane. This high solid and aliphatic urethane combination system is perfect for warehouses due to its excellent chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance. Once the prime coat was cured we reinspected the floor for voids/cracks and did a second round of patching with our polyaspartic cabosil mix and again used hand grinders to ensure we had a smooth surface.

Conclusion: Our unique system specification allows for a budget-friendly coating system to create a like-new finish aesthetically. Introducing a polyaspartic patching material allows our crew the ability to patch and sand our client's existing space 2 times before producing a finished warehouse flooring system with little to no interruption to schedule. The inclusion of a scratch-resistant, UV and chemical resistant urethane as a protective and seamless topcoat offers this customer higher sheen retention and longer last warehouse floor system. This topcoat can be transparent, pigmented and textured to meet the clients' needs. This project was performed in well under 48 hours. We began with our prep phase on Friday afternoon and completed top coating the space Saturday at 11 PM. The additional 36 hours of cure we had on this floor through Sunday ensured our clients would be fully operational for first shift Monday morning. To see more projects like warehouse sealing NJ give us a call.