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Zurn Drain Installation NJ

Project Overview: Secondary Containment Coating With Zurn Drain Installation for Fabric Company 

Existing Conditions: Our client contacted us seeking a solution for storing large amounts of chemicals, shampoos, and cleansers that might otherwise eat into an exposed concrete floor should they leak. They asked for a secondary containment area that would resist damage from the chemicals and that could be easily washed down and drained. Our engineers specified a Zurn drain installation NJ trench system, a curbed perimeter, and a chemical-resistant, polyaspartic epoxy flooring system. 

Preparation of existing condition: During our first phase we installed rebar for support and poured a 6” curb to contain all chemicals and fluids. Next, we installed a new trench drain system in the center of the area and tied it into the existing plumbing. This would allow the floor to be hosed down and all drainage to empty into a greywater filtration system. Using engineered concrete, we sloped all of the surfaces within the curbing toward the trench drain. We finished our prep phase by diamond grinding the entire system to smooth any inconsistencies and assure a good bond.

Products Installed: To install the final flooring system, we began by running a radius cove base along the interior of the curbing. This would eliminate the 90° angles and allow the floor to be more thoroughly cleaned. We then installed a 1/8” FasTop SL flooring system and top coated that system with a chemical resistant polyaspartic epoxy. While installing the topcoat, we coated the chemical resistant epoxy up and around the curbing.

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Conclusion: The client was left with an area that would not only reliably contain his chemicals but one that was also much easier to clean on a daily basis.